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BonaCars.com is a vehicle classified website offering you the best deals for new and used car in the African auto market. Are you having trouble buying a car? We can help. Our team has made it easy to find cars that suit your budget, from brand, condition, mileage, transmission, fuel type and color of the car you want.

Our main focus is helping our customers in finding the car they need. We have seen so many people trying to sell their cars but ended up being frustrated and inquired so many loss. The bonacars platform is the right connection for sellers and buyers.

We at BonaCars believe that our organization can have a dramatic impact in changing the way people buy and sell cars, through more authentic relevant and personalized experience. We are dedicated in building our continent.

“In Africa, we have millions of people searching for information that could change their lives. We wake up every day thinking how we going to put a smile on their faces, in return we smile too.”

-Ajong Clifford
Founder & CEO @ Bona Media Group

-Rita Folefac
Cyber Security Analyst @ Bona Media Group

-Chianange Ngeh Achille
COO @ Bona Media Group

-Etinge Mabian
CTO @ Bona Media Group

-Ebako Sengue Corine
CMO @ Bona Media Group

-Georgette Yollande Pouomegne
CFO @ Bona Media Group

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