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Frequently Asked Questions

  • General Information

You can find the car that you are looking for by using the search engine box on BonaCars homepage: simply select the make/model that you are interested in and click on the “Search” button.

To ensure that the vehicle that you are interested in has not been sold yet, please contact the seller.

You can first look at the pictures of the car to make sure that everything is fine and that is has been well looked after. You can then make an appointment with the seller to see and test drive the car. We would also advise you to go see the car with your own trustworthy mechanic who will be able to check the engine’s condition.

BonaCars does not do car delivery. However, we would recommend that you call the seller to see if there is a possibility that he can arrange a delivery for you.

  • 1. Select your make and model details along with the price.
  • 2. Upload a maximum of 4 pictures of your vehicle.
  • 3. Enter your details so potential buyers can get in touch.
  • 4. Finalize your listing by adding your vehicle’s feature list!

Once you have submitted your listing, it will instantly appear on the website. Listings which do not relate to our website will be deleted.

Of course! To modify a previously uploaded listing, simply log in to your BonaCars account, select the listing concerned and modify the relevant items.

The potential buyers will contact you over the phone through your contact details on our website.

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